House Rules,


Dear guests, Our goal is to make our guests feel at home, and to have a great memory of staying here. In order to make you feel more comfortable and respecting other guests at the hotel, please respect the following rules: Complete peace in the pansion and in front of the pansion after 23:00 h. Each guest is obliged to report their stay to the owner of the pansion by a personal ID card or passport. Please check out on the day of your departure and leave the room until 09:00 h. If you do not leave the room until 12:00 h, we will charge you one more day. When leaving, leave the key from the room to the owner of the pansion.

Room cleaning will be done every day until 12:00 h. It s not allowed: to have guests in the room, taking out objects from the room, to move to the public spaces of the pansion in unsuitable clothes, to lay wet towels to the room furniture, to smoke in the room and to all the enclosed spaces of the pansion. Guests are obliged to pay for any damage caused by improper behavior or violation of these house rules. In case of fire, study the evacuation plan located next to the door of your room. Also, please inform the owner of any eventual fire. Contact the owner for any eventual or technical defects, malfunctions and damages, also you must contact the owner in case your planned absence that is longer than two days.

For guest who does not abide the rules of the house and is disturbing peace, stay will be canceled without reservation. The owner  takes no responsibility for missing or stolen items. Without permission of the owner, it is not allowed to move the furniture in the room. For safety reasons, children younger than 10 years are not allowed to stay without adult supervision in the unit or other part of the villa.

Adults take full responsibility for the failure of their children. Please do not enter the villa wet because there is a possibility of slipping on the stairs.