Dalmatia and Croatia richness is not only crystal blue sea or coast with thousand of islands, long sandy beaches and bays. Our traditional mealsfishsweets and wines are well known among true gurmans.Orginality and simplicity of Dalmatian meals are in close relation with traditional and health surrounding of Dalmatian countryside. Soparnik is a Dalmatian vegetable pie that numerous families in Poljica like to eat.

Dalmatian cuisine relies heavily on the fresh fish and seafood that are caught (or farmed) offshore. Fish is usually grilled with local olive oil, garlic and lemon. Look for sea bass, grouper, scorpion fish, pilchards, mackerel, squid and sea bream.

Meat isn’t forgotten either. Thin slices of smoked Dalmatian ham are often on the appetiser list. Lamb is popular either boiled or baked. Dalmatian pasticada is a meat stew (beef stuffed with lard and roasted in wine and spices) often served with gnocchi.

Dalmatian deserts are usually a simple matter, often involving dried figs and raisins, almonds, honey and eggs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]